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The core of our job is to spread your message out there and bring awareness about whatever you are creating, creating a great product or an amazing piece of art is a must, but letting people know about it, is paramount for the growth and success of your creation and therefore your career


Before the start of the campaign our sister companies Anecdote Management & Calculated Marketing, will work with you on updating your online presence.

Forum Marketing

Forums are the best places to start planting the "seeds" of whatever you are trying to bring awareness to and have people talking and excited about it.

Press Releases

A great way to start spreading the word out far and wide about your next project hitting 12k news outlets, editorials, online magazine, blogs and more.

Interview Placement

Perfect follow up to strenghten your press release and put your persona in front of different, but yet interested crowds ready to listen what you have to say.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!" - Benjamin Franklin

We believe everything in life needs time to mature and the same applies for press campaigns, planning your launch with plenty of time ahead the selected day will allows for organic discovery by related news sites as well as publications generating a very powerful chain reaction. Awareness plays a very important part in any launch and we've become very good at it.


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We Take Our Time...

As previously stated rushing things is not our cup of tea, we like to plan thing and give ourselves enough time to solve whichever problem might present in front of us, for this reason our campaigns starts about 3 months before the launch day, there are quite few things that needs to be taken care of, but with our systems in place we regularly have very smooth but yet powerful campaigns. One of the reason we have an high rate of success is because we pick & choose the projects we want to be part of and that depends a lot on the project itself in few words If we believe it has potentials we'll be all in .

Press Outreach For Artistis, Creators, Makers & Brands

As an artist, a creator or a maker your job should mainly be creating great things, we need to believe in the project for us to consider getting involved, meaning that we pick & choose the project we want to be a part of.

Media & Editorial Outreach To Increase Exposure

Having your project published on online magazines & blogs and having the benefit of enormous amounts of traffic is the end goal, with a database of over 6k online magazine we are pretty confident we will place your content.

Interview Placement To Keep The Momentum Going

Taking part of interviews on Podcasts, Vlogs and magazine will drastically expand your visibility, but most important you will remain in people's mind and have them talking about your project for time to come, resulting in a successful launch.

Projects We've Been A Part Of

Believing in a project is the very first step towards success, in our case having faith in a project will make our life easier when pitching your creation to media outlets, when it comes to physical products we primarily look at the ownership benefits in order to understand what problem is your product solving. Below are some of the projects we've collaborated on. This should give you an idea of what we are looking for in a project

Kind Words From Our Clients

We could be here all day talking about how great our services are but we believe is way better if whoever used our services speaks in our behalf.

I hope this review doesn't come across as cheeky since i own the company that owns Anecdote Press, however i am using the service and i am paying. I have to say the team at AP have been working behind the scene for my personal brand, my company and my online charity. They are good. I don't think i would be where i am without them. Great Job!

After seeing the wonders this P.R. team was doing for The Homeless Charity Club i had to get that type of exposure for my other charity project as well as help me improve awareness about me. You can definitely say that these guys know what they are doing and they are very humble about it. I'm sure i will use them for a long time.

As an indipendent artist i now understand how important it is to have the press to cover your latest work, it does affect your revenue in a very positive way. AP Team rocks, they have this extensive marketing knowledge that when they explain the plan of action and show you all the "sorcery" they apply to it, you feel it is going to be successful. Never looking back again.

My book launch has been huge thanks to the guys at Anecdote Press, the whole process took about 90 days, but it was definitely worth the wait, for sure i'm going to use them again

Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

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